Wera 347108 18pc Kraftform Kompakt VDE 18 Imperial 1

WeraSKU: 05347108001

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Key Features

  • Kraftform Kompakt VDE 18 Imperial 1
  • Multi-component VDE-insulated Kraftform handle with anti-roll feature
  • VDE interchangeable blades 154 mm long
  • In robust pouch
  • Individually tested
  • Product Description

    16 VDE interchangeable blades with 2 817 VDE Kraftform holders in a robust belt pouch. Individually tested tools as per IEC 60900. Individual testing in a water bath at 10,000 volts so as to ensure safe working at the permitted voltage of 1,000 volts.


    1x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 18 Imperial 1, 18 pieces; 2x 817 VDE Kraftform blade-holding handle: 9x98; 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 62 i: PH 1x154, PH 2x154; 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 62 i PH/S: # 1x154, # 2x154; 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 65 i PZ/S: # 1x154, # 2x154; 4x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 60 i: 0.4x2.5x154, 0.6x3.5x154, 0.8x4.0x154, 1.0x5.5x154; 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 68 i: # 1x154, # 2x154; 1x Kraftform Kompakt 96 VK 6,3: 6.3x89; 1x Kraftform Kompakt 97 VK 8,1: 8.1x89; 1x Kraftform Kompakt 98 DK: 89; 1x Kraftform Kompakt 99 FL: 89; 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 70: 70.0x50.0

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