Wera 135939 41pc Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Woodcraft

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Key Features

  • Robust Zyklop Mini ratchet suitable for take-up of bits and sockets
  • Torque of over 65 Nm thanks to fine-pitched ratchet mechanism and small return angle of 6°
  • Ratcheting screwdriver with Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit change
  • High quality wood twist drill bits for drilling soft wood, hard wood and laminated panel material
  • Set in robust textile box
  • Product Description

    Compact tool set with the 41 most important screwdriving tools for applications involving wood. Includes the bit ratchet Zyklop Mini with extension and socket adaptor; 8 manual and power tool sockets, sizes 5.5-13, 1 ratchet holder 816 RA with ratcheting function, fine-pitched teeth for small return angle, switchover ring (right, fixed, left), maximum torque 50 Nm and bit take-up with the Rapidaptor technology; 1 universal bit holder; 6 bits in a length of 25 mm; 16 bits of a length of 89 mm; 5 wood twist drill bits with a diameter of 3-8 mm; 1 screw gripper for firmly holding screws; 1 single-pole phase tester 247; textile box, very robust and durable; can be positioned upright in the workshop shelf for convenient storage; additional surface protection thanks to the textile outer material; low weight and volume for simplified mobility.


    1x Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Woodcraft, 41 pieces; 1x 816 RA Ratchet screwdriver: 1/4"x142.0; 1x 8001 A Bit Ratchet ¼": 1/4"x87.0; 1x 870/1 Adaptor: 1/4"x25; 1x 8794 SA Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, short, 1/4": 1/4"x75.0; 7x 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" socket: 5.5x23.0, 6.0x23.0, 7.0x23.0, 8.0x23.0, 10.0x23.0, 12.0x23.0, 13.0x23.0; 1x 893/4/1 K Universal Bit Holder: 1/4"x50; 3x 851/4 Z bits: PH 1x89, PH 2x89, PH 3x89; 3x 855/4 Z bits: PZ 1x89, PZ 2x89, PZ 3x89; 3x 855/1 Z bits: PZ 1x25, PZ 2x25, PZ 3x25; 5x 867/4 Z TORX® BO bits with bore hole: TX 10x89, TX 15x89, TX 20x89, TX 25x89, TX 30x89; 2x 867/1 TORX® bits: TX 20x25, TX 25x25; 4x 840/4 Z bits: 3.0x89, 4.0x89, 5.0x89, 6.0x89; 1x 800/4 Z bits: 1.0x5.5x89; 1x 800/1 Z bits: 1.0x5.5x25; 5x 849 HSS Twist Wood Drill Bits: 3.0x70.0, 4.0x74.0, 5.0x85.0, 6.0x95.0, 8.0x110.0; 1x 247 Single-pole phase tester: 0.5x3.0x70; 1x 1441 SB Screw gripper attachment for screwdriver blades, long bits and L-keys, with holding function for screws: 4.5-6.0x41.0

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