Wera 057437 30pc Bit-Check 30 Wood TX HF 1 SB

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Bits and holder set, particularly suitable for woodworking. With their special geometry and as per the specification Acument Intellectual Properties, the 867/1 TORX® HF bits hold TORX® screws securely on the tool! This is particularly helpful in hard-to-reach work areas where the second hand cannot be used to hold the screw. They are also suitable for Würth ASSY screws as well as Altenloh SPAX T-STAR plus screws. With "Take it easy" tool finder: colour coding by size. Including universal holder with ring magnet which holds even heavy screws firmly and Rapidaptor, which allows mounting the bits without using the sleeve. The Bit-Check allows a quick overview of the available tools. Unused bits are simply put back in the holder and will not be lost. Easy transport e.g. in your shirt pocket. The Bit-Check can be set up at the work place, which allows for quick access of the tools.


  • 1x 887/4 RR Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder with ring magnet: 1/4" x 57 mm
  • 15x 867/1 TORX® HF Bits with holding function: TX 40x25 mm, 2x TX 30x25 mm, 4x TX 25x25 mm, 4x TX 20x25 mm, 2x TX 15x25 mm, 2x TX 10x25 mm
  • 11x 855/1 TH bits: 2x PZ 3x25 mm, 6x PZ 2x25 mm, 3x PZ 1x25 mm
  • 3x 851/1 TZ bits: PH 3x25 mm, 2x PH 2x25 mm

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