Wera 136038 30pc Bit-Check 30 Christmas 2023

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  • The Wera Bit-Checks are extremely compact and are therefore ideal companions even for mobile use
  • Upright positionable Bit-Checks convince due to their functionality in a minimum of space
  • 29 tough bits for Phillips, Pozidriv and TORX® screws, for universal use
  • Universal holder with quick-release chuck and strong permanent magnet
  • In an advertising-free Christmas box - the ideal present

Robust Wera Bit-Check in a Christmassy gift packaging. Bit-Checks allow a quick overview of the available tools. Unused bits are simply put back in the holder and will not be lost. Easy transport e.g. in your shirt pocket. Includes universal holder for mounting bits with 1/4" external hexagon drive as per DIN ISO 1173-C 6.3. With quick-release chuck for quick bit changes. The strong permanent magnet holds the bits securely. Including tough bits for universal use.


  • 1x 895/4/1 K Universal Bit Holder: 1/4" x 52 mm
  • 8x 851/1 Z bits: 2x PH 1x25 mm, 4x PH 2x25 mm, 2x PH 3x25 mm
  • 8x 855/1 Z bits: 2x PZ 1x25 mm, 4x PZ 2x25 mm, 2x PZ 3x25 mm
  • 13x 867/1 TORX® bits: 2x TX 10x25 mm, 2x TX 15x25 mm, 3x TX 20x25 mm, 3x TX 25x25 mm, 2x TX 30x25 mm, TX 40x25 mm

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