Wera 057417 10pc Bit-Check 10 Impaktor 4

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Key Features

  • Upright positionable, multi-component Bit-Check
  • Impaktor technology for above-average service life
  • Impaktor holder to absorb extreme impulse peaks
  • Diamond coating for a secure fit in the screw, literally bites into the screwhead to prevent cam-out
  • Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size
  • Product Description

    The Impaktor technology ensures an above-average longer service life even under extreme conditions. Increased frictional resistance from the rough diamond particles on the tip of the bit prevent any slipping out of the screw head. Impaktor holder to cushion any extreme impulse peaks. Special torsion effect thanks to the double torsion spring. Particularly suitable for use in conventional impact screwdrivers. The multi-component Bit-Check is convincing on account of its low weight and the maximum possible degree of compactness. In this respect, the soft material in the lower section of the Bit-Check ensures that the bits are securely held whilst being simple to remove at the same time. The profile and size of the bits are easy to recognise thanks to the Wera "Take it easy" Tool Finder with its colour coding and clearly visible imprint.


    1x Bit-Check 10 Impaktor 4, 10 pieces; 1x 897/4 IMP Impaktor holder with retaining ring and magnet: 1/4"x75; 4x 855/1 IMP DC Impaktor bits: 3x PZ 2x25, PZ 3x25; 5x 867/1 IMP DC Impaktor TORX® bits: 2x TX 20x25, 2x TX 25x25, TX 30x25

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