Wera 004525 9pc Belt A Deep 1 Socket Set, 1/4"

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Key Features

  • 9-piece socket set on a robust textile belt, ¼"
  • Smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism for a secure fit and simple removal of the sockets
  • Long ¼" socket for low-profile-fitting screw connections in tight construction spaces and for protruding threaded rods
  • Hexagonal profile enables precise and profile-preserving screwdriving with high power transmission
  • With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size
  • Product Description

    Robust textile belt in the typical Wera design with 9 long ¼"manual and machine socket inserts (non-impacting) in a confined space. A smoother turning mechanism ensures a secure holding and easy removal of sockets. Includes snap hook for attaching to belt loops or bags. With fleece backing and hook and loop fastener strips for easy attachment e.g. on wall, shelf, workshop trolley or the Wera 2go tool transport system. Long ¼" manual and mechanical socket wrench inserts (ISO 2725 part 3) from Wera for use in manual and machine operation (non-impacting) even with low-lying screwdriving and protruding threaded rods. With "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by size - for easy and fast location of the required tool. Easy to grasp even with oily hands. With hexagonal profile and ball-catching groove. The hexagon profile allows the transmission of high forces and puts less strain on the edges of bolts or screw heads than a double hexagon profile. Fine-toothed ratchets also make the use of a double hexagon profile superfluous, even in confined spaces, thanks to their small back-pivoting angle. For external hexagonal bolts and sockets.


    1x Belt A Deep 1 socket set, 1/4" drive, 9 pieces; 9x 8790 HMA Deep 1/4" socket: 5.0x50.0, 5.5x50.0, 6.0x50.0, 7.0x50.0, 8.0x50.0, 10.0x50.0, 11.0x50.0, 12.0x50.0, 13.0x50.0; 1x Belt A (textile belt), 9 location, unloaded: 39.0x238.0; 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strips 30: 200.0x30.0

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