Wera 150111 23pc 9721 Foam insert 8000 B Zyklop 3/8" Socket Set 1

WeraSKU: 05150111001

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Key Features

  • Durable foam insert, each tool has its own place; two-coloured, missing tools will quickly be noticed
  • High-quality, durable foam insert without chemical vapours
  • Optimum fit for the best possible removal of the tools from the foam insert
  • Water- and oil-repellent, low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Protection of the tool from dirt and impact
  • Product Description

    Durable foam insert; two-coloured for quick identification of missing parts; suitable for the Tool Rebel roller cabinet; equipped with one Wera Zyklop Speed ratchet 3/8" and 22-piece accessories set.


    1x 9721 Foam insert 8000 B Zyklop 3/8" ratchet set 1, 23 pieces; 1x 8000 B Zyklop Speed Ratchet with 3/8" drive: 3/8"x199.0; 1x 8794 SB Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, short, 3/8": 3/8"x125.0; 1x 8794 LB Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, long, 3/8": 3/8"x200.0; 1x 8795 B Zyklop universal joint, 3/8": 3/8"x50.0; 1x 8794 B Zyklop wobble extension, 3/8": 3/8"x76.0; 18x 8790 HMB Zyklop 3/8" socket: 6.0x29.0, 7.0x29.0, 8.0x29.0, 9.0x29.0, 10.0x29.0, 11.0x29.0, 12.0x29.0, 13.0x29.0, 14.0x29.0, 15.0x29.0, 16.0x30.0, 17.0x30.0, 18.0x30.0, 19.0x30.0, 20.0x30.0, 21.0x30.0, 22.0x30.0, 24.0x32.0; 1x 9821 Foam insert 8000 B Zyklop 3/8" ratchet set 1, empty: 172.0x30.0x392.0

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