Wera 136032 10pc 9620 Belt Holster Set 1

WeraSKU: 05136032001

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  • Storage solution to flaunt for all Tool Rebels
  • Belt holster for perfect tool organisation and instant access to the required tools
  • Screwdriver for Phillips-head screws Phillips-Recess and Pozidriv, TORX®, slotted (VDE), and chiseldriver for screwdriving, chiselling, mortising
  • Multi-component Kraftform handles for high working speeds and ergonomic screwdriving

The tool set for the belt. The tool holster has 5 zones for inserting and accessing the required tools at any time. The holster has a robust construction, is made of tear-resistant material and is also suitable for use in adverse conditions. The included tools can be supplemented or exchanged individually.
The holster can be worn on the hips. Ideal for mobile use at different locations. Kraftform Plus handle for comfortable ergonomic screwdriving, avoiding blisters and calluses. Hard handle zones for high working speeds, while soft handle zones guarantee a high torque transfer. Includes some tools with Lasertip: The tips of Wera Lasertip screwdrivers are microscopically roughened with laser beams. This rough surface "bites" into the screw head and unintentional slipping is a thing of the past. "Take it easy" tool finder with colour coding by profile and size stamping - for quick and easy identification of the required tool.
Including chiseldriver with pound-thru hexagonal blade made of premium bit material, which ensures power transmission without loss even at hammer blows.
2x 350 PH Screwdriver for Phillips screws: PH 1x80 mm, PH 2x100 mm
1x 355 PZ Screwdriver for Pozidriv screws: PZ 2 x 100 mm
2x 367 Screwdriver for TORX® screws: TX 20x100 mm, TX 25x100 mm
1x 932 A Screwdriver for slotted screws: 1.2 x 7 x 125 mm
2x 162 i PH VDE Insulated screwdriver for Phillips screws: PH 1x80 mm, PH 2x100 mm
1x 160 i VDE Insulated screwdriver for slotted screws: 0.6 x 3.5 x 100 mm
1x 9522 Belt holster, empty: 170 x 240 mm

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