Wera 134015 27pc 9100 Guitar tool Set

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Key Features

  • The stainless steel bit (1.8x12x41 mm) is ideally suited for setting the screws to which the bridge is attached. Stainless steel prevents the formation of extraneous rust on stainless steel components.
  • The input jacker included in the set allows the output socket to be safely positioned at installation and removal. The external hex socket is loosened or tightened with the Zyklop socket.
  • String crank for guitars: With the 1/4" hexagon, the string crank can be inserted in the Kraftform 815 R bitholding screwdriver included in the set. The ergonomic shape of the handle makes it sit comfortably in the hand; the power can be charged precisely. Fits all guitar tuners.
  • Practical metal tin for storage of picks for example. Closes firmly and permanently.
  • Angle wrench for adjustment of the steel bar in the guitar neck. The special Hex-Plus geometry of the angle key makes for a better fit of the tool in the screw, the risk of slippage and subsequent damage is reduced, and the power transmission is clearly improved.
  • Product Description

    Guitar tool set: The set contains all the tools necessary for adjustment and maintenance repair work. Wera stainless steel angle wrench with Hex-Plus profile (sizes: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0 and in the inch sizes 1/8", 5/32", 3/16"). Wera 89 mm long stainless steel bits for hexagon socket screws (sizes: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5), Kraftform handle for 1/4" bits, 1/4" stainless steel bits for slot (sizes: 1.8x 12x41 mm, 0.6x3.5x89 mm, 1.2x8.0x89 mm), Phillips screws (sizes: PH 1x89 mm, PH 2x89 mm) and hexagon socket screws (size: 0.05"x25 mm), Wera adapter for handle (1/4" hex socket of the handle on 1/4" square of sockets), Wera Zyklop sockets (sizes 10 and 1/2"), string crank with 1/4" hex for use in the handle, KNIPEX® string cutter, feeler gauge, input jacker, 2 picks.


    1x 9100 Guitar tool set, 27 pieces; 1x 815 R Bitholding screwdriver with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck: 1/4"x119; 2x 3851/4 Bits, stainless: PH 1x89, PH 2x89; 1x 3800/1 TS bits, stainless: 1.8x12.0x41; 2x 3800/4 Bits, stainless: 0.6x3.5x89, 1.2x8.0x89; 1x 3840/1 TS bits, stainless: 0.05x25; 6x 3950 PKL L-key, metric, stainless: 1.5x90, 2.0x101, 2.5x112, 3.0x123, 4.0x137, 5.0x154; 3x 3950 PKL L-key, Imperial, stainless: 1/8x123, 5/32x137, 3/16x154; 1x 870/1 Adaptor: 1/4"x25; 2x 8790 HMA Zyklop 1/4" socket: 10.0x23.0, 7/16"x23.0; 1x 8790 HMA Deep 1/4" socket: 1/2"x50.0; 1x 9103 stringer: ; 1x 9105 slip gauge 0,05 - 1,00mm, 13 blades: ; 1x 9104 Input-Jacker: ; 1x 9101 plectrum Wera: ; 1x 9102 plectrum Tool Rebel: ; 1x 9110 box with lid Wera: ; 1x KNIPEX® 74 01 140 wire-cutting pliers: ; 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 120: 50.0x120.0

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