Wera 004079 28pc 8100 SC 9 Zyklop Speed Imperial Socket Set, 1/2"

WeraSKU: 05004079001

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Key Features

  • Freely pivoting ratchet head with 5 predefined locking positions
  • Fine-pitched with 72 teeth
  • Small return angle of only 5°
  • Free-turning sleeve for high working speeds
  • With Take it easy tool finder: colour coding by size
  • Product Description

    Incredibly compact set arrangement with many tools in a minimum of space. A completely new ratchet set feeling thanks to the unique textile boxes that are very robust and durable. They can be positioned upright for tidy storage on the workshop shelf. Additional surface protection due to textile outer material. Low weight and volume for simpler mobility. "Take it easy" Tool Finder with colour coding according to sizes.


    1x 8100 SC 9 Zyklop Speed Ratchet Set, 1/2" drive, imperial, 28 pieces; 1x 8000 C Zyklop Speed Ratchet with 1/2" drive: 1/2"x277.0; 10x 8790 HMC Zyklop socket with 1/2" drive: 3/8"x37.0, 7/16"x37.0, 1/2"x37.0, 9/16"x37.0, 19/32"x37.0, 5/8"x37.0, 11/16"x37.0, 3/4"x37.0, 25/32"x37.0, 13/16"x37.0; 1x 8794 LC Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, long, 1/2": 1/2"x250.0; 1x 8794 C Zyklop wobble extension, 1/2": 1/2"x52.0; 1x 8784 C2 Zyklop bit adaptor, 1/2", 5/16": 5/16x1/2"x50.0; 2x 851/2 Z bits: PH 2x32, PH 3x32; 2x 855/2 Z bits: PZ 2x32, PZ 3x32; 6x 867/2 Z TORX® bits: TX 20x35, TX 25x35, TX 30x35, TX 40x35, TX 45x35, TX 50x35; 4x 840/2 Z Bits: 7/32"x30, 1/4"x30, 5/16x30, 3/8"x30

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