Wera 020099 6004 JOKER XS 7-10mm Self Setting Adjustable Spanner Wrench

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Many users wish to have a universal spanner tool with the widest possible range of applications.
It should be a single tool for multiple metric and imperial dimensions.
It should automatically adjust to the different screw sizes.
It should be safe to grab without damaging anything and allow for a high working speed.
The continuous and parallel jaws replace several single spanner dimensions.
The required size is automatically and continuously set when attaching the tool to the hexagon bolt or screw.
The integrated lever mechanism securely clamps the hexagon screw or bolt between the jaws, which significantly reduces the risk of slipping or damage.
The ratchet function ensures fast and consistent action without removing the tool.
Thanks to the corner-width rectangular prisms, a back-pivoting angle of only 30° can be realized.
The single-arm design in conjunction with the ratchet function and the corner-width prism make it possible to work even in confined spaces.
The adjustable Joker 6004 is the universal spanner tool. Self-setting. Gripping. Spanning.

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