Wera 133285 BIGPACK 900 15pce Pozi, Phillips, Slotted & Torx Kraftform Hammer Thru Chiseldriver Screwdriver Set

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The Wera Big Pack Kraftform Chiseldriver 900 Series contains a selection of Slotted, Phillips, Pozidriv and Torx® screwdrivers. They have been designed to be hit with a hammer, whilst remaining fully useable as a screwdriver, with impact cap and pound-thru hexagon blade.
The blade is made from the same bit-grade steel as all Wera products, and has a hexagonal profile for added strength, the hexagon bolster allows spanner leverage for increased torque.
The Set Contains:
3 x Phillips Screwdrivers: PH1 x 80mm, PH2 x 100mm, PH3 x 150mm.
3 x Pozidriv Screwdrivers: PZ1 x 80mm, PZ2 x 100mm, PZ3 x 150mm.
5 x Slotted Screwdrivers: 3.5 x 80mm, 4.5 x 90mm, 5.5 x 100mm, 7 x 125mm, 9 x 150mm.
2 x Torx® Screwdrivers: TX20 x 90mm, TX25 x 100mm.
2 x Storage Racks

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