Wera 118156 2052/6 6pce0.9-3mm Micro Precision Ball End Hexagon Screwdriver Set

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The ball end allows you to access the screw at an angle. Designed to reduce the fastening time and cost per screw connection. The spinning cap and the thin profile areas allow for very rapid twisting, and you won’t have to readjust your grip.

Hand support on convex/concave cap offers both an easy turning action and comfortable hand rest.

Wera Black Point tip and hardening process guarantee long service life and increased corrosion protection.

Anti-roll protection stops screwdrivers from rolling away.

The Set Contains:

Hex Screwdriver: 0.9 x 40mm
Hex Screwdriver: 1.3 x 40mm
Ball End Hex Screwdriver: 1.5 x 60mm
Ball End Hex Screwdriver: 2.0 x 60mm
Ball End Hex Screwdriver: 2.5 x 60mm
Ball End Hex Screwdriver: 3.0 x 60mm
Wera Rack for Kraftform Micro screwdrivers

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