Wera 104650 846/8 8pce 3-Flute Countersink Set

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8-piece countersink bit set in a stable plastic box for deburring, chamfering and countersinking. The finely-tuned material elasticity provides for great durability. Perfect chip removal and a low tilt risk ensure pleasant working. Cutting section as per DIN 335-C, 90° with 3 cutters. High quality, ergonomic bit holder equipped with a magnet. The Rapidaptor quick-release chuck ensures rapid bit change without any extra tools. 1/4" hexagon, suitable for holders with take-up as per DIN ISO 1173-D 6.3.

Ideal for mobile repair and assembly work

Rapid, uncomplicated change between drill, countersinking or screwdriving bit
1/4" drive suitable for power screwdrivers
For deburring, chamfering and countersinking
In practical and robust plastic box

1x 846/8 3-flute Countersink Bits Set, 8 pieces

1x 816 R Bitholding screwdriver with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck, 1/4" x 119 mm
1x 888/4/1 K Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder, 1/4" x 50 mm

6x 846 3-flute Countersink Bit: 6.30x31.0, 8.30x31.0, 10.40x34.0, 12.40x35.0, 16.50x40.0, 20.50x41.0

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