Wera 073599 967SPKL/9BO 9pce T8-T40 Torx Multi-Colour Ball End Security Tamper Torx Key Set

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Each key has a long shaft with ball end which is suitable for Torx screws, and a short shaft that is suitable for Torx screws with pins. The ball ends allow screwdriving jobs at a slightly inclined angle, for safe work in awkward / confined areas.

The Torx keys have circular, easy-to-grip plastic sleeves and are easy to identify, thanks to their colour coding and size markings. They are supplied in a wear-resistant clip, which ensures that the keys are securely held, yet are easy to remove.

The following sizes are included:

TX 8 x 76mm Torx L-Key (Without Bore Hole On Short Arm & Without Ball End On Long Arm)
TX 9 x 79mm Torx L-Key (Without Bore Hole On Short Arm & Without Ball End On Long Arm)
TX10 x 85mm Torx L-Key (Without Ball End On Long Arm)
TX 15 x 90mm Torx BO L-Key
TX 20 x 96mm Torx BO L-Key
TX 25 x 104mm Torx BO L-Key
TX 27 x 112mm Torx BO L-Key
TX 30 x 122mm Torx BO L-Key
TX 40 x 132mm Torx BO L-Key

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