Wera 073593 950SPKL/9SM 9pce 1.5-10mm Hex-Plus Multi-Colour Ball End Hex Allen Key Set & Holder

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Ever rounded a hex screw?
Hex-Plus L-keys from Wera for hexagon socket screws have a greater contact surface in the screw head and this reduces the notching effect that is damaging for the head of the screw.

Features on the item:
9-piece professional multi coloured sleeved ball-end hex key wrench set.
Highest quality: round material with profiled Hex-Plus at both ends.
Hex-Plus prevents the cylindrical turning of allen screws and ensures higher power transmission.
Black Laser surface. With color-coded, convenient hose sheathing.
The ball end on the long arm also allows oblique screws.
Wera L-Keys provide increased safety and high torque transmission through the use of selected material and unique hardening technologies
A ball-shaped head that provides great flexibility for off-angle applications
The Wera L-key clip consists of two material components and can be opened quickly and simply by means of a sliding catch.
The hex keys are clearly laid out when the clip is opened.
The Set Contains:
1 x 1.5mm x 90mm
1 x 2.0mm x 101mm
1 x 2.5mm 112mm
1 x 3.0mm x 123mm
1 x 4.0mm x 137mm
1 x 5.0mm x 154mm
1 x 6.0mm x 172mm
1 x 8.0mm x 195mm
1 x 10.0mm x 224mm
1 x Wera unique flip-open hex key storage holder

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