Wera 071110 Bit-Check 10 Stainless 1 10pce PH/PZ/TX Screwdriver Bit Set

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Wera Stainless tools prevent rust on stainless steel fixings caused by contamination from conventional steel tools.
Vacuum ice-hardened to the same strength as conventional steel tools, and so suitable for tough, industrial use.
Wera Stainless bits feature a unique Torsion zone, extending bit life over standard bits.
Stainless Rapidaptor feastures the unique auto-bit lock system, for quick and easy one-hand bit change.
Bits manufactured from 100% stainless steel, yet as strong as conventional steel bits. Ideal for industrial applications.
Prevents extraneous rust forming on stainless steel fastenings due to contamination.
With Torsion technology for improved bit life.


1x Bit Holder

1x Phillips: 1x PH2.

3x Pozi: 1x PZ1, 2x PZ2.

5x Torx: 1x TX10, 1x TX15, 1x TX20, 1x TX25, 1x TX30.

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