Wera 057908 Bit-Check 30 TX Universal 1 30pce TX Screwdriver Bit Set

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30-piece. Tough-absorbing Wera bits for universal use. 1 universal halter 899/4/1 K for take-up in the power screwdriver or use in the chuck of the power drill. Comes with tough viscous TORX® bits for universal use.

The Bit-Checks by Wera are extremely compact and are therefore the ideal companion for mobile applications.

Upright positionable Bit-Checks convince due to their functionality in a minimum of space
Tough viscous bits for universal use
Universal holder with stainless sleeve, retaining ring and strong permanent magnet
Prevents premature breakage of the drive tip

1x Bit-Check 30 TX Universal 1, 30 pieces

1x 899/4/1 Universal Bit Holder, 1/4" x 50 mm
29x 867/1 TORX® bits: 3xTX10x25, 5x TX15x25, 8x TX20x25, 7x TX25x25, 4x TX30x25, 2x TX40x25

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