Wera 057697 Bit-Check 30 Impaktor 2 30pce PH/PZ/TX/HEX Screwdriver Bit Set

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The Wera 057697 IMPAKTOR bit system has been designed for use with all cordless impact drivers – even the most powerful 18 Volt & 24 Volt models, boasting 180Nm+ torque.

With a combination of high quality steel, custom hardening & precise tip profiling, anti-slip diamond coating and the unique TriTorsion system allow up to 10x longer life than any other bit system. IMPAKTOR bits are ideal for any heavy duty applications or impact driver use, and the diamond coating prevents cam-out, allowing easier, faster use.

Includes 29 x 25mm bits:
Phillips 851/1 IMP DC: 3 x PH2, 2 x PH3
Pozi 855/1 IMP DC: 3 x PZ2, 2 x PZ3
Torx 867/1 IMP DC: 3 x TX20, 3 x TX25, 2 x TX30, 2 x TX40
Hex 840/1 IMP DC: 1 x HEX 4, 1 x HEX 5, 1 x HEX 6

Torsion bits (non-impact):
Phillips 851/1 TZ: 2 x PH1
Pozi 855/1 TH: 2 x PZ1
Torx: 867/1 TZ: 1 x TX10, 1 x TX15, 2x TX20
Hex 840/1 Z: 1 x Hex 3.0

IMPAKTOR 897/4 TriTorsion Ringmagnet holder.

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