Wera 057490 52pce Kraftform Kompakt 100 Screwdriver & Bit Set Plus Hex Keys

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Wera Rapidaptor. All ¼” bits can be inserted and automatically locked into the holder without needing to move the sleeve. The bits can easily be removed by pushing the sleeve forward – even the smallest sizes! The free-turning sleeve allows screw steadying at the start of the screwdriving process. All functions can be carried out with just one hand. A faster bit change is just not possible!

BTZ-Bits have an additional tempered BiTorsion zone, which reduces the hardness of the shaft by about 20 % in comparison to the drive tip. This means that the peak loads that cause bit breakage and premature wear are absorbed in this zone – something which enhances the service life of the bits.

Hex-Plus: The problem with hexagon socket screws is that they quickly become rounded. This is caused by the sharp corners of the conventional tool pressing against the inside of the screw head. The gradual wear process eventually leads to a rounding of the head. Wera Hex-Plus tools have a larger contact surface inside the screw recess. This reduces the notching effect and thereby also the deformation of the screw head. At the same time up to 20 % more torque can be transferred.

All screwdriver bits now contain colour coding to make the job of identifying the correct bit quick and easy.

Kit Contains:

  • 813R Kraftform Handle Bit Holder With Quick-Release Chuck (90mm Handle)
  • Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder
  • BiTorsion Extra Tough Phillips 25mm Screwdriver Bits – 2x PH 1, 4x PH 2, 2x PH 3
  • Impaktor Phillips 50mm Screwdriver Bits – 2x PH2, 1x PH3
  • Pozi 25mm Screwdriver Bits  3x PZ1, 3x PZ2, 3x PZ3
  • BiTorsion Extra Hard Pozi 25mm Screwdriver Bits – 2x PZ1, 4x PZ 2, 2x PZ3
  • Impaktor Pozi 50mm Screwdriver Bits – 2x PZ2, 1x PZ3
  • BiTorsion Extra Tough Torx 25mm Screwdriver Bits – 2x TX 10, 2x TX 15, 3x TX 20, 2x TX 25, 2x TX 30, 1x TX40
  • Impaktor Torx 50mm Screwdriver Bits – 1x TX 25, 1x TX 30, 1x TX 40
  • BiTorsion Extra Tough Slotted 25mm Screwdriver Bits – 1x 0.8×5.5mm, 1x 1.0×5.5mm
  • Impaktor Hex 50mm Screwdriver Bits – 4, 5 & 6mm
  • Hexagon L Keys – 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8mm.
  • Set supplied in an extremely robust & compact textile case.

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