Wera 057441 Bit-Safe 61 BiTorsion 1 61pce PH/PZ/TX/SL/HX Screwdriver Bit Set

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Wera Bit-Safe 61 Bi-Torsion 1 comprehensive torsion bits and Rapidaptor holder set in pouch is designed for users on the move who need a broad selection of drive profiles with multiples of the same bit. Utilising a unique combination of special material, hardening and precision manufacture, Bi-Torsion bits are designed to prevent premature wear and dramatically extend service life.

The patented Torsion zone absorbs the peak stress loads that normally destroy bits.

Diamond Coated (BDC) bits ensure safe working, especially when driving screws into delicate materials or high-quality surfaces, preventing slip. Additionally, where screws are driven into resistant materials such as hard woods, concrete screws and ABS plastics, Diamond Coated bits “bite” into the fastener, ensuring a secure fit and reducing cam-out effect.

This extends the life of the tool and ensures screws are fully driven home. EXTRA-TOUGH (BTZ) bits are suited to hard, METAL JOINTING, threaded fasteners and general use.

Gold EXTRA HARD (BTH) bits are designed for driving screws into normal construction TIMBERS and materials.

The holder with quick-release chuck offers press-in auto-lock and rapid one-hand bit changes for insert and power bits, whilst the spin-sleeve allows steadying during screw-driving.

Wera Bit-Safes feature a compact design to safely store bits and holders in a handy structured fabric case; the tools are easily accessed. Drive and size are colour coded for easy selection of the right bit. 61 piece set.

Includes 60 Bi-Torsion 25mm bits:

    One 1/4″x 50mm Rapidaptor Universal bit holder

    BDC Phillips 1x PH1; 2x PH2; 1x PH3;

    BTZ Phillips – 2x PH1; 8x PH2; 1x PH3x25; BDC

    Pozidriv – 1x PZ1; 2x PZ2; 1x PZ3; BTH

    Pozidriv – 2x PZ1; 8x PZ2; 1x PZ3;

    BTZ TORX – 3x TX10; 2x TX15; 4x TX20; 4x TX25; 2x TX30; 1x TX40;

    BDC Slotted – 1x 0.8×5.5; 1x 1.0×5.5; 1x 1.2×6.5;

    Hex-Plus 3x 2.5mm; 3x 3.0mm; 3x 4.0mm; 2x 5.0mm.

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