Wera 056440 Bit-Check 30 Universal 1 30pce SL/HEX/PH/PZ/TX/TXBO Screwdriver Bit Set

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29 bits in a minimum of space, simple removal and reinsertion of the bits. Rapidaptor holder ensures rapid bit change. Universal bits fitted for diverse applications, robust Bit-Check.

Upright positionable, multi-component Bit-Check

Rapidaptor holder for rapid bit change
Universal bits for all fields of application
Rapidaptor technology for rapid bit change
Tough viscous bits for universal use

1x Bit-Check 30 Universal 1, 30 pieces

1x 889/4/1 K Rapidaptor Universal Bit Holder, 1/4" x 50 mm
6x 851/1 TZ bits: 2x PH 1x25, 3x PH 2x25, PH 3x25

6x 855/1 TH bits: 2x PZ 1x25, 3x PZ 2x25, PZ 3x25

6x 867/1 TZ TORX® bits: TX 10x25, TX 15x25, TX 20x25, TX 25x25, TX 30x25, TX 40x25

5x 867/1 Z TORX® BO bits with bore hole: TX 10x25, TX 15x25, TX 20x25, TX 25x25, TX 30x25

1x 800/1 TZ bits, 1 x 5.5 x 25 mm

5x 840/1 Z bits: 3.0x25, 4.0x25, 5.0x25, 6.0x25, 8.0x25

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