Wera 051461 816RA Kraftform Kompakt Ratcheting Bit Holder Screwdriver

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The Wera Kraftform Kompakt 816 RA Bit-Holding Ratchet Screwdriver has a powerful ratchet mechanism which makes this one of the finest bit-holding ratchet screwdrivers around. It has an ultra fine mechanism which enables quick and easy use and has a multi component ergonomic Kraftform shape handle.

Fits all standard 1/4in hexagon drive bits.

Wera’s ratchet allows a maximum torque of 50nm, making it very robust and 25% stronger than conventional ratchet screwdrivers. The integrated Rapidaptor bit holder accommodates standard 1/4″ hex bits and provides all the advantages of rapid-in and self lock, together with a spin sleeve for providing added support when needed.

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