Wera 032063 3334/3350/3355/6 6pce Slotted, Phillips & Pozi Kraftform Plus Stainless Steel Screwdriver Set

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The Wera 3334/3350/3355/6 set of screwdrivers have a blade manufactured from 100% stainless steel yet equally strong as conventional steel screwdrivers. They are ideal for industrial applications as they prevents extraneous rust forming on stainless steel fastenings due to contamination.

The multi-component Kraftform handle is uniquely designed around the hand during screwdriver use reducing fatigue and increasing speed. Soft zones offer improved grip hard zones allow easy hand repositioning.

Application: For slotted and Pozi screws

Content: 6 pieces set in display carton + Rack

3334 Parallel Slotted Screwdriver
1x 6.5 x 150mm

3335 Flared Slotted Screwdriver
1x 3.0 x 80mm

3355 Pozi Screwdrivers
1x PZ1 x 80mm
1x PZ2 x 100mm

3350 Phillips Screwdrivers
1x PH1 x 80mm
1x PH2 x 100mm

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