Wera 028062 367/6 6pce T10-T40 Kraftform Plus Torx Screwdriver Set

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These Wera Kraftform Plus Torx HF screwdrivers have a holding function to help to reduce lost screws, making them ideal for use in tight assembly or disassembly situations where it is not possible to hold the screw on the screwdriver by hand.

Wera’s Torx HF screwdrivers achieve this through an optimised geometry of the original TORX profile. The wedging forces resulting from the surface pressure between the drive tip and the screw profile mean that the screw is held securely on the tool.

Each screwdriver fewatures the ergonomic Wera Kraftform handle that fits comfortably in the hand with special hard and soft zones to provide better turning power with less effort and making repeated turning easier.

Each screwdriver is marked on the end of the handle for quick identification of the type of screw it is suitable for.

Sizes; T20, T25, T27 & T30 (all 300mm long)

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