Wera 006480 160IS/7 7pce Phillips, Pozi & Slotted Kraftform Plus Extra Slim 1000v VDE Insulated Screwdriver Set

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The Wera Slimline VDE screwdriver range features an ultra slim screwdriver blade, which still provides full VDE protection. This allows use in confined spaces or for recessed screws – ideal for use on sprung cage terminal blocks and RCBO’s, without having to switch to non VDE protected tools.

The Kraftform Plus handle uses multi-component materials and uniquely fits the shape of the hand during screwdriver use. All screwdrivers feature the glod lasertip – a laser roughened surface which literally bites into the screwhead, reducing slipping and cam-out.

Includes the special PlusMinus/MCB screwdriver tips found in modern consumer units.

Unbeatable safety: individually tested at 10,000V to guarantee safety at 1,000V.

Includes free wall-mountable storage rack.

The set contains the following screwdrivers:
3.5 x 0.6mm Slotted x 100mm
4.0 x 0.8mm Slotted x 100mm
5.5 x 1.0mm Slotted x 125mm long,
No 1 Phillips x 80mm
No 2 Phillips x 100mm
No 2 PZ/S PlusMinus x 100mm
Voltage Tester 1 x 0.5 x 3.0 x 70mm
Storage Rack

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