Wera 004357 2go 2 XL Tool Bag With Shoulder Strap & Tool Quiver

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  • 1 dimensionally stable, robust Tool Container for up to four Wera 2 go 4 Tool Quivers; with hook and loop fastener system for the attachment of other Wera 2go components as well as Wera textile boxes and pouches with hook and loop fastener zones; high resistance against cuts and stabs; 1 handle and 1 Shoulder Strap with adjustable-width padding, adjustable in length, detachable; 1 removable Tool Quiver with handle
  • 1x Wera 2go 2 XL Tool Container, 2 pieces; 1x Wera 2go Container, 455 x 330 x 170 mm; 1x Wera 2go 6 Shoulder Strap, 1470 x 38 mm; 1x Wera 2go 4 Tool Quiver, 105 x 165 x 165 mm

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