Wera 004352 2go 3 Textile Tool Box With Cover

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The Wera 2go 3 is a compact tool box which can be docked with other tool transport products in the Wera 2go range. The empty design of the tool box allows it to be filled with tools or spare parts.

Wera’s 2go 3 Tool Box is made from a robust material which is permanently dimensionally stable thanks to its fabric lined plastic panel construction that also has a high resistance against cuts and stabs. A lid with flap provides further protection of your tools against damage and moisture, while the top handle allows the box to be easily carried on its own.

The rear of the tool box has a hook and loop zone for attaching to the Wera 2go 1, Wera 2go 2, or Wera 2go 5.

Tool Box Dimensions: 130x325x80mm

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