Wera 004313 Kraftform 2go 300 11pce Lasertip Screwdriver Set In Quiver

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The Wera Kraftform 2go 300 Screwdriver Set contains a wide range of screwdrivers and is supplied in a Wera 2go 4 Tool Quiver storage tote. Many of the screwdrivers included in the set have a laser treated blade tip resulting in a rough surface that is hardened up to 1,000 Vickers.

The result of this is that the drive end bites into the screw head, reducing slipping and associated damage that can occur to the screw head and work surfaces. It also allows for higher levels of torque to be transferred while improving the life of the blade.

These screwdrivers feature Wera’s ergonomic Kraftform handles which fit comfortably in the hand with special hard and soft zones to provide better turning power with less effort and make repeated turning easier. The screwdrivers are part of Wera’s Take it Easy Tool Finder system with a colour coding according to drive profile and size for quick identification by glancing at the end of the handles.

This Kraftform 2go 300 set is supplied in a Wera 2go 4 Tool Quiver keeping the screwdrivers organised and easy to carry. The Tool Quiver is made from a robust and dimensionally stable material and can be set down for easy access to the screwdrivers. The Tool Quiver features a carry handle and inside is an adjustable partition with hook and loop fastening allowing the quiver to divided into up to 5 sections. The Tool Quiver has a hook and loop fastener zone for docking with other storage products in the Wera 2go system. A self-adhesive hook and loop fastener strip is included to allow the tool quiver to be attached to a wall or workshop trolley.

Tool Quiver Dimensions – 165mm High x 165mm Long x 105mm Deep

The contents of the set are:
  • Slotted – 0.8 x 4.5mm x 90mm & 1.2 x 7.0mm x 125mm
  • Phillips – PH1 x 80mm & PH2 x 100mm
  • Pozi – PZ1 x 80mm & PZ2 x 100mm
  • Torx – T10 x 80mm, T15 x 80mm, T20 x 100mm, T25 Torx x 100mm & T30 x 115mm
  • Wera 2go 4
  • Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 2 (50mm x 120mm)


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