Wera 004174 Bicycle Set 6 10pce T-Handle Hexagon & Torx Key Set With Holding Function

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10-piece T-handle screwdriver set for operations on the bike: The ideal handle shape allows the transmission of particularly high tightening and loosening moments. The ergonomic shape of the handle fills the ball of the hand well, the fingers lie securely in the softly rounded recessed grips. The whole hand comes into contact with the handle and friction losses between hand and handle are avoided. With holding function at the long arm to hold the TORX® and hexagonal socket screws (from size 3) securely on the tool. Special surface treatment for high corrosion protection and optimal fitting accuracy in the screw. With extra-short arm for the transmission of extremely high torques through the leverage of the long arm. Including metal rack for clearly arranged storage in the workshop.

Bicycle set 6, 10 pieces;

  • 1x 454 T-handle hexagon screwdriver Hex-Plus, 2.5 x 100 mm;
  • 6x 454 HF T-handle hexagon screwdriver Hex-Plus with holding function: 3×100, 4×150, 5×150, 6×200, 8×200, 10×200;
  • 3x 467 TORX® HF T-handle screwdriver with holding function: TX 10×100, TX 20×100, TX 25×100

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