Wera 003880 Belt1A 1/4″Dr 10pce 4-13mm Colour Coded Metric Zyklop Socket Set

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Typically Wera designed robust textile belt with 9 sockets taking up minimal space.
A smooth Twist to Unlock mechanism ensures a secure fit and simple removal of the sockets.
Comes with ""Take it easy"" Tool Finder with colour coding according to size to enable the right tool to be selected easily and quickly.
Includes a snap hook for secure fastening to a belt loop or pocket.
Sockets with holding function for particularly convenient screwdriving with reduced risk of losing the screw when approaching the work-piece.
Supplied with a non-woven reverse side and hook and loop strips for simple attachment e.g. to a wall, shelf, tool trolley and to the Wera 2go tool transport system.
The Set Includes:
1 x 4.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x 4.5mm x 23.0mm
1 x 5.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x 5.5mm x 23.0mm
1 x 6.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x 7.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x 8.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x 10.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x 13.0mm x 23.0mm
1 x Nut ExtractorStorage Clip for 9 Sockets With Twist-Lock Function

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