Wera 003785 8100 SB HF 1 12pce 3/8"Dr 8-19mm Metric Zyklop Metal Reversible Ratchet Set

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Wera's 8100SA All-in Zyklop Rachet Set combines Wera's 3/8" 6-position Zyklop Ratchet with a 6 piece socket set. Every piece of this kit is packed with clever, ergonomic design features.

Wera's Zyklops ratchets are designed to be easy to use and efficient. Fine gearing gives a very small return angle enabling you to work in confined spaces. It also features We're press-to-unlock and easy-hold systems meaning that your bit or socket stays in one place. The head has 5 lockable positions. The flywheel is designed to enable rapid screwdriving too. You can adapt this to function as a screwdriver.

This set combines this with a set of 9 sockets, and 2 extension bars.

These use Wera's colour coding system to make it easy to find the right bit or socket you can use.

Set contains:
8794 LB Zyklop extension with free-turning sleeve, long, 3/8"
8794 B Zyklop wobble extension, 3/8"
1 x 8 x 29 mm
1 x 10 x 29 mm
1 x 12 x 29 mm
1 x 13 x 29 mm
1 x 15 x 29 mm
1 x 16 x 29 mm
1 x 17 x 29 mm
1 x 18 x 29 mm
1 x 19 x 29 mm

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