Wera 003180 8740B HF1 7pce 3/8"Dr Zyklop 1/8"-3/8" Long Hex Bit Socket Set With Holding Function

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Bit socket with 3/8 inch drive and holding function for extremely convenient screwdriving with reduced risk of losing the screw when addressing the workpiece. “Take it easy” Tool Finder with colour coding according to size – for simple and rapid accessing of the required tool.

  • 1x 8740 B HF 1 Zyklop bit socket set with holding function, 3/8″ drive,
  • 7 pieces; 7x 8740 B HF Zyklop bit socket with holding function,
  • 3/8“ drive: 1/8×107.0, 5/32″x107.0, 3/16″x107.0, 7/32″x107.0, 1/4″x107.0, 5/16″x100.0, 3/8″x100.00mm

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