Timco HSS 1/2" Shank Blacksmiths Drill Bit

Size: 15.5mm
Sale price£10.25


HSS Blacksmith drills for drilling carbon & alloy steel, cast iron, non ferrous metal and plastics. It has a Titanium nitride coating to reduce friction and improve perfromance it has a high perfromance 118 degree split point tip which eradicates the need to pre-drill/centre punch in thin material.
Manufactured from a high grade M2 steel. This durable engineering quality drill will give a consistent rapid performance when drilling larger diameter holes into all non-alloy materials. Can be used in a 1/2" chuck. M2 grade HSS (High Speed Steel) with Titanium nitride coating. 12.5mm diameter shank with three flats, 3 flat shank to prevent slipping in the chuck, Milled flute.

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