Sealey AP2200BBCPSTACK Purple Topchest, Mid-Box & Rollcab 9 Drawer Stack


Sale price£299.98


• The economical way to buy American PRO® Ball-Bearing quality tool chests.
• This mid-size combo has smooth 25mm ball-bearing slides and all the features of the professional chests except that the rollcab & mid-box are not lockable and the castors are Ø75mm.
• These boxes are not interchangeable with the rest of the American PRO® Ball-Bearing Range.
Package includes:
• AP2200BBCP - Topchest & Rollcab Combination 6 Drawer with Ball-Bearing Slides - Purple/Grey
• AP22309BBCP - Mid-Box 3 Drawer with Ball-Bearing Slides - Purple/Grey

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