Presto 09902M25 43pce 3.0-13.0mm + Tapping Hi-Nox Drill Set For Stainless Steel


Sale price£141.98


Hi-Nox is designed to be used on Austenitic Stainless Steel (Hard Steels) New Geometry (130 gedree point cute Austenitic Stainless Steel)
Short Flute (Gives maximum rigidity)

This set consists of 43pce drills from 1-13mm in 0.5mm increments.
It also has the tapping sizes included which are 3.3mm, 4.2mm, 6.8mm and 10.2mm.

Sizes included in this set are-
3.0mm to 4.0mm x 3 of each size
4.2mm to 8.0mm x 2 of each size
8.5mm to 13.0mm x 1 of each size
Includes brackets & screws  with it, to fasten to a wall.

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