Presto 096071-5 Stud Bolt/Screw Extractor & Drill Kit - Metric & Imperial


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Used expressly for removing broken or seized screws. They are left-handed, for use on right-handed threads. The screw is first drilled out to the proper diameter for that extractor using the drills provided. The extractor is then inserted into this hole and turned counter-clockwise using the tap wrench. As the extractor is turned the flutes on the tool dig into the screw, causing it to lock tightly and apply sufficient torque to remove the screw.

Easy to use, Tapered Step drill Produces a tapered and stepped hole, that allows the Screw Extractor to get more purchase on the broken stud/tap, because the drilled hole is tapered there is no extraction deformation on the hole or thread when removing the broken stud or Tap.

Containing the following items:
No1- No5 Screw Extractors
4, 5, 5.5, 7,5 & 10mm
Step Drills to suit Screw Extractors.
M3-M6 Adjustable Ratchet type Tap wrench.
M6-M12 Adjustable Ratchet type Tap wrench.

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