M14x1.25 V-Coil SPARK PLUG Wire Metric Thread Repair Kit - Fits HELICOIL


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Manufactured from high quality chromium nickel stainless steel, V-Coil inserts provide high strength internal threads that resist the effects of temperature and corrosion.

Their unique design ensures superior threads whose compound performance cannot be reproduced by any other single fastening thread insert and because of their compact size they can be incorporated info existing designs where no previous provision has been made.

On kits upto and including M12 they include tap, drill, insert tool and tang break tool and 1.5 D V-Coil thread inserts. 

On kits after M12 they include the tap, insert tool and 1.5 D V-Coil thread inserts

5 M14X1.25X8.4 mm inserts

5 M14X1.25X12.4 mm inserts

5 M14X1.25X16.4 mm inserts

All V-Coil thread inserts are compatible with Helicoil

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