Facom MOD.CAR2 14pce Bodywork Tools Set


Sale price£694.98


The set contains:
51B: Frame for milled files & 1 file.
259: 26mm Ultra-flat chisel.
860H.28: Dinging hammer, Dia 28mm.
861D.30: Bumping hammer, head size 30 & 40mm.
209.50: Wood mallet, Dia 50mm.
862D.60: Flat dresser, head dimensions 50 x 30.
867D: Shrinking dresser, head dimensions 50 x 30.
906A: Pinch wedge dolly 130x68x25.
870B: Regular dolly, sharp and round edges.
871B.55: Wedge dolly 140x54x55.
874A: Dished dolly 106x65x26.
875.3: Long single spoon.
225.J3: 6-8-10mm Set of 3 end mills
Compatible with the FACOM modular storage system

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