Facom JET.8NM5A 8 Drawer Mobile Roller Cabinet – Grey

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5 modules per drawer.
Worktop : Useful dimension 987 x 461 mm. 0,46 m2 static load resistance of 1100 kg.
6 wheels diameter 160 mm for very high performance, 4 swivel including 2 with brakes for an extra stability while working and 2 fixed. 360° function: very easy to park, crosses all obstacles.
Overall dimensions (L. x D. x H.): 1194 x 575 x 1035 mm.
8 drawers roller cabinet = 40 modules distributed in the 60 and 130 mm drawers.
6 drawers height 60 mm = 30 modules.
2 drawers height 130 mm = 10 modules.
Total load in the drawers: 290 kg.
Total storage capacity: 250 litres.
Weight: 110 kg. primetools mac tools expert tool store


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