Facom CM.EL32 94pce Electricians Tool Kit

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The set contains:
22.JE6T - 6pc Metric Stubby Open Jaw Spanner + Roll       
113AS.6C - 33mm x 6" Stubby Chrome Adjustable Spanner       
R2NANO - 38pc 1/4" Square Drive Metric 6pt Socket + R.161B + Bits Nano Set       
AT4X35 - 4x35mm Parallel Slotted Stubby Protwist Screwdriver       
AMR - 4pc Fine Slotted Isoryl Multi-Bit Screwdriver       
AFU.0 - 3.8mm Dia Slotted Screw Holder Screwdriver       
HT.3 - 2pc Fine Slotted Screwdriver Set       
83SH.JP9A - 9pc Long Metric Ball Hex Key Clip Set       
181A.18G - 185mm Slip-Joint Locking PVC Grip Pliers       
406.MT - Semi-Flush Compact Bullet-Nose Micro-Tech Cutter Plier       
405.12MT - Axial Power Bullet-Nose Micro-Tech Cutter Plier       
433.LMT - 135mm Angled Long Smooth Half-Round Micro-Tech Pliers       
431.MT - 135mm Straight Smooth Flat Micro-Tech Pliers       
420.MT - 125mm Thin Straight Smooth Flat Micro-Tech Pliers       
141.12 - 130mm Straight Fine Smooth Nose Precision Tweezers       
897A.319PB - 3m Class II Metric Rubber Grip Tape Measure       
AS.6L140T2A - 6pc 140mm Needle File Set + Wallet       
AS.6L160T2A - 6pc 160mm Needle File Set + Wallet       
840.F - Comfort Grip Folding Knife + Pouch       
841A.4 - 143mm Electricians Comfort Grip Scissors       
1230B.20 - 20w Electronic Soldering Iron + Stand       
839A.1 - 200mm Desoldering Pump       
834.R2 - 36cm 55mm Dia Hinged Inspection Mirror       
779.PBT - 110Lm Battery LED Pen Torch + Pouch       
1830.1 - Side Bristle Wood Handle Soft Brush       
835A - 200mm Fine Hook Pick       
449B - Standard Insulated Terminal Crimper + Stripper Plier       
AT3.5X75VE - 3.5x75mm Insulated Parallel Slotted Protwist Screwdriver       
AT5.5X150VE - 5.5x150mm Insulated Parallel Slotted Protwist Screwdriver       
ATP0X75VE - PH0x75mm Insulated Phillips Protwist Screwdriver       
ATD0X75VE - PZ0x75mm Insulated Pozidriv Protwist Screwdriver       
AT4X100TVE - 4x100mm Insulated Parallel Slotted Protwist Thin Blade Screwdriver       
ATP1X100TVE - PH1x100mm Insulated Phillips Protwist Thin Blade Screwdriver       
ATD1X100TVE - PZ1x100mm Insulated Pozidriv Protwist Thin Blade Screwdriver   


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