Facom CM.118 118pce Tool Kit C/W ROLL.6M3 Roller Cabinet

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ROLL.6M3 roller cabinet - 6 drawers - 3 modules per drawer

FACOM MOD.440-1 - 16pc Metric Combination Spanner Module              

FACOM MOD.R161-46 - 52pc 1/4" Square Drive Metric 6pt Socket Module + R.161B + Bits + Keys  

FACOM MOD.S161-36 - 23pc 1/2" Square Drive Metric 6pt Socket Module + S.161B       

FACOM MOD.AT1 - 8pc Slotted Phillips Protwist Screwdriver Module     

FACOM MOD.ATX - 7pc Torx Protwist Screwdriver Module         

FACOM MOD.CPEA0 - 3pc Comfort Grip Pliers Module                  

FACOM MOD.PR8 - 2pc Multigrip + 5 Pos Lock-Grip Pliers Module            

FACOM MOD.MI1 - 7pc Flat Pein Hammer Impact Tools Module  

PL.S384 - 4compartment 4 Pocket Small Module Tray 107x188mm         

PL.L384 - 12compartment 12 Pocket Module Tray 417x188mm  


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