Facom AXS.S 1/4"Dr Chain Driven Offset Extension Wrench

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AXS extension wrenches, designed to move away from the area of intervention and thus facilitate the action of tightening or loosening.
Time-saver, the professional can access in narrow spaces to reach the screws, nuts and bolts.
Non-symmetric design to have more speed and more power. One side is bigger than the other, which allow the end-user to drive more speed and more strength
AXS extension wrenches can be used with a hand or a power ratchet (Pneumatic or cordless).
The Ratchet is inserted at one end, this drives a chain which in turn drives the Socket at the other end.
The design multiplies the input by (Ratio 13:8 ≈ 1,6) for the output. (The socket turns at a faster rate than the ratchet driving it)
1/4″ Drive.
230mm Long
Does not include Ratchet & Socket

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