Facom 2208.EL32 94pce Electricians Tool Kit C/W BV.51A Toolcase

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Supplied in BV.51A Toolcase

6pce. Roll set of miniature open-end wrenches 3.2 to 13 mm.

Adjustable wrench.

19pce. “Radio” socket set 3.2 to 14 mm and accessories.

3pce. 1000V insulated screwdrivers 3.5×75 – 4×100 – 5.5×150 mm.

2pce. 1000V insulated Phillips screwdrivers no. 0 – 1.

2pce. 1000V insulated Pozidriv screwdrivers no. 0 – 1.

Short blade screwdriver 4 mm.

Multi-blade “radio” screwdriver.

Tuning screwdriver for slotted heads 2 and 2.4 mm..

Electronics screw starter.

9pce. Sleeve set of spherical head hex keys1.5 to 10 mm.

Multigrip pliers.

Precision diagonal cutters.

Diagonal cutters.

Short-nose pliers.

Shaping pliers.

Angled half-round nose pliers.

Crimping pliers.

Soldering iron 30W.

Reel of solder wire.

Desoldering pump.

Electrician’s scissors.

Electricians knife with wire stripper.

Flat needle file 140 mm.

Round needle file 160 mm.

Locking tape measure 2m.

Precision tweezers.

Inspection mirror.

Spring hook.

Pen light.

Extra-soft silk brush.


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