Einhell TC-HP 130 Pressure Washer 130 Bar

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The Einhell TC-HP 130 high-pressure cleaner has a power rating of 1,500 W and operates with high pressure. Thanks to the small, compact design and integrated central carry-handle the high-pressure cleaner is easy to work with and saves space when stowed away. The high-pressure cleaner switches on and off automatically and, being low in weight, is ideal for mobile use and is suitable for getting lightly soiled surfaces cleaned quickly with a high flow rate. The water connection has an integral filter. For flexibility in use, the TC-HP 130 has a modular Quick-Couple-system and the pressure and strength of the water jet are regulated by the nozzles. There are also versatile storage options for the nozzles, gun and other accessories. The product is supplied complete with gun, pressure hose, lance, point and wide nozzle, rotating nozzle, brush and detergent applicator.

• Mains supply: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
• Power: 1500 W
• Pressure max.: 130 bar
• Flow rate max.: 390 L/h
• Max. Water temperature: 40 °C
• Max. inlet water pressure: 7 bar
• Length of high-pressure hose: 5 m

Features & Benefits
• Maximum pressure 130 bar
• Small and compact design for space-saving storage
• Integrated central carry-handle for user-friendly transportation
• Gets soiled surfaces cleaned quickly with 390 l/h
• Water connection with integral filter
• Ideally suited for mobile use thanks to low weight
• Pressure and power regulated via the nozzles
• Modular Quick-couple system for versatile use
• Versatile storage options for nozzles, gun, etc.

• TC-HP 130 Pressure Washer 240v
• High Pressure Hose (5 metres)
• Gun
• Lance
• Rotating Nozzle
• Point Nozzle
• Wide Nozzle
• Brush
• Detergent Applicator

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