Sealey APMSSTEEL Premier 5.6m Storage System - Stainless Worktop


Sale price£6,444.98


• All steel construction with graphite powder coat finish.
• Brushed aluminium drawer pulls and handles.
• Heavy-duty drawers with rubber liners and precision ball bearing drawer slides.
• Concealed snap-close magnets on doors.
• 25mm stainless steel worktop.
• Gas struts on wall cabinet doors.
• Adjustable feet to ensure cabinets sit 'true'.
Package Includes:
• APMS05 - Modular Full Height Floor Cabinet 930mm Heavy-Duty
• APMS13 - Modular Wall Cabinet 775mm Heavy-Duty (x2)
• APMS14 - Modular Wall Cabinet 1550mm Heavy-Duty (x2)
• APMS01 - Modular Floor Cabinet 1 Door 775mm Heavy-Duty
• APMS02 - Modular Floor Cabinet 2 Door 1550mm Heavy-Duty
• APMS04 - Modular Floor Cabinet 11 Drawer 1550mm Heavy-Duty
• APMS03 - Modular Floor Cabinet 6 Drawer 775mm Heavy-Duty
• APMS08 - Stainless Steel Worktop 775mm (x2)
• APMS09 - Stainless Steel Worktop 1550mm (x2)
• APMS10 - Modular Back Panel 775mm (x2)
• APMS11 - Modular Back Panel 1550mm (x2)

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