MIX20SET Timco 20pce HSS Driver Bit & Ground Jobber Drill Bit Set


Sale price£12.98


A selection of quick release HSS ground metal drills, S2 driver bits, socket drivers and a magnetic adaptor. The quick release feature is designed to ensure a rapid change of bits making it ideal for multiple applications. Sold in a robust weatherproof case.


HSS Drill Bit - 1.5 x 16mm, 2.0 x 22mm, 3.0 x 40mm, 3.5 x 48mm, 4.0 x 55mm, 4.5 x 55mm, 5.0 x 55mm, 6.0 x 65mm
Phillips Driver Bit - PH1 x 50mm, PH2 x 50mm, PH3 x 50mm
Pozi Driver Bit - PZ1 x 50mm, PZ2 x 50mm, PZ3 x 50mm
Slotted Driver Bit - 5.0 x 50mm, 6.0 x 50mm
Nut Driver - 6.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm
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