Facom 467B.JP10 8-19mm 10pce Anti-Slip Ratchet Combination Spanner

FacomSKU: 467B.JP10

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These high quality ratchet combination wrenches from Facom have specially designed anti-slip ends for safer and more effective operation.
  • The Anti-Slip open end helps prevent the open end of wrench from slipping off the fastener.
  • The corner of the fastener is locked in the head by the groove.
  • As soon as torque is applied to the fastener, the head locks on making it virtually impossible for the head to slip.
  • Arched inner profile creates larger contact areas help to prolong life of fasteners.
  • Helps increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Less risk of knuckle injury from wrench slippage.
  • Less damage and rounding to fasteners.
  • Spring prevents box end from going through or slipping off the fastener, however the innovative design allows wrench to go through the nut for having access to a second nut if required.
  • 15 degree raised offset angle gives ultimate access for reaching recessed or closely spaced fasteners.
  • Better comfort with less hand stress. Higher strength for increased safety. Allows user to apply more torque. Same design as the Facom 440 range.
  • Easy to keep clean. Prevents corrosion. Lifetime warranty.
  • Sizes: 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18 & 19mm, supplied in Facom storage clip.

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