Buckbootz BBZ8000 Hi-Vis Black / Yellow Non-Metallic Safety Wellington Boots

Size: 8
Sale price£98.98


BBZ8000 uses a completely different assembly process from its older brother, BBZ6000 plus a host of new safety features and lightweight components. In addition it's 360º reflective, non-metallic and has built in EN certified ankle impact protection (AN) and Achilles support.

BBZ8000 features a super lightweight nano safety toecap, a lightweight anti-penetration midsole and a weight saving sole bonding process. It's comparable in weight to its moulded polyurethane competitors and just like its older brother it fits like a glove, not like a tube.

BBZ8000 is a great all new product from the soles upwards so it is vital that the soles incorporate the very latest tread design techniques to maximise grip, extend life and reduce weight. K12 does all of these plus it comes with SRC maximum anti-slip certification and is non-marking.

  • Lightweight nano safety toecap (SB)
  • Non-metallic anti-penetration midsole (P)
  • Ankle protection certified, 10J impact (AN)
  • Cold insulation certified to -17°C for 30 minutes (CI)
  • Heat insulation certified to 150°C for 30 minutes (HI)
  • Antistatic (A)
  • Energy absorption seat region (E)
  • Heat & oil resistant rubber outsole (HRO)
  • Slip resistant - max test (SRC)
  • Hi-viz colour contrasts
  • Reflective enhancement to give 360º presence and upwards of 150m visibility
  • 5mm neoprene with rubber protection
  • Aerospencer breathable high visibility lining
  • Achilles ankle support
  • Kick-off heel spur
  • Detachable washable insole

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