Bahco 4750RCHDW02FF15 36pce Windmills Heavy Duty Application Toolkit In Heavy Duty Rigid Case

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Ready to work at height
35 tools for working at height and 1 accessory for storage
TAH1-100-06-2-4 and TAH1-210-06-2-2 second cut flat engineer's files
TAH1-230-06-2-2 second cut round engineer's files
TAH3625PU-50 and TAH489-1100 sledge hammers
TAHBE64520 chain wrenches
TAHSCB140G steel cable cutting scissors
TAH24B-27, TAH24B-30, TAH24B-32, TAH24B-36, TAH24B-38, TAH24B-41, TAH24B-46 and TAH24B-50 3/4" drive sockets
TAH8950N/A 3/4" square torque wrench inserts
TAH8961 tools for working at height extension
TAH8953 universal handles
TAH7452-2 reversible ratchets
7452-7-13, 7452-7-17 and 7452-7-19 open end torque wrench inserts
TAH7455-300-1 and TAH7435-100 torque wrenches
TAH111M-34, TAH111M-36, TAH111M-41, TAH111M-46 and TAH111M-50 combination pliers
TAH7444SG-M-36, TAH7444SG-M-41, TAH7444SG-M-46, TAH7444SG-M-50 and TAH7444SG-M-55 slogging ring spanners
HD rigid case and 4750RCHDW02 container
According to the standards defined by the DROPS drop prevention method

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